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In the late '80s to mid-90s,  Aunty Magrate, who was living in Malaysia, came to Singapore, upon the invitation of the late Canon James Wong, to train a group of worshipers in the Tambourine dance for the Festival of Praise. Soon after, God called Pastor Michael and Aunty Magrate to move to America and the ministry in Asia took a pause. 

Thereafter, in 2004, the Holy Spirit led them back to Asia and that was when Shachah Singapore was established. A Singapore Core Team was formed subsequently to continue the ministry here. 

Today, under the discipleship and training of Pastor Michael and Aunty Magrate, the Shachah Singapore Core Team, through Worship, Word and Warfare, continues the vision of raising up an army of holy worshipers that will take back what the enemy has stolen in the area of creative worship, and to restore it back to the church where it rightly belongs. Various core teams have also been set up in USA, Mexico, Colombia, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Come and join us, to WORSHIP the LORD together, declaring the WORD through dance movements and making intercession as we WARFARE for Singapore and the nations! 


Shachah Singapore offers training in the Dance Technique, Worship in Movement, Tambourine, Flag Twirling, Twirl Streamers, Fan Streamers, Throw Streamers, Waving Flags and the Sword.

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